Ep. 37: Cuffing Season

What is ‘cuffing season’?! When does drafting start?! And when does it end?! When do you know if you got picked or not?! What about the playoffs?! When do they began and when do they end?! Most importantly, when do you know you won the championship?! And not just for the year, but for years to come.

And what about seeing your ‘boo thing’ everyday?! Yay or nay?! Do you require your alone time… if so, what happens when your living with someone or when your married?! Or does it change when you find your special someone?!

Tune in as P & C share their opinions and thoughts on the matter. Plus, we asked our viewers and shared their responses on topic of discussion, on whether or not they know what ‘cuffing season’ is and if they believe in it… aka partake in it.


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