Ep. 35: Alpha Female

Can you ever be too intimidating to date?! The answer is YES!!! Regardless of what a man thinks, females who have their life together and doing big things rarely get dates and/or have their inbox blowing up… and if they do it is for all the wrong reasons! Yet why it is that men say, “I want a boss woman”, when in reality none of the boss women are being approached?! Does social media ruin it for us alpha females?! Showing our successes and displaying our accomplishments… should we not share until we know they are ‘keepers’?!

And on another note, what about men?! Most importantly, why is it that for the alpha male it works in reverse?! Dating non-stop and inbox blowing up?! Which could be an explanation for why they can think that the alpha female is in the same position… when really she is not… why?!

Tune in as P & C share their insights and thoughts on the matter. Because as two alpha females in their 30’s, one single and one recent entangled, it’s been a journey in terms of dating.


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