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Finding Yourself w/ Beau Pinto Pt. 1 The Tell-All 4All Podcast

We all need a reboot every once and while, a moment to just refresh. So, I sat down with a friend @beaupinto to discuss his journey, on exactly that – reboot and refresh. A journey which started in Mexico and ended in Brazil, which went from one month to over six. Discussing everything from self-discovery to healing to releasing to finding peace and completion. Tune in to hear about not only his story and ayahuasca journey, but his realizations of not only himself, but life.  Ps. you don't want to miss this one, as there is so much to be learned, as he has so much knowledge to give! Guest: Beau Pinto (Content Creator & Social Media Influencer Coach) @beaupinto **Tune in weekly for new episodes**
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